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Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer Giveaway

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When your child is sick or having unusual symptoms, how do you keep track of their day night? Maybe your thermometer remembers the last few temps, but what times were they taken? The most common resource we all use to keep track of our child’s symptoms is our memory! Some are organized enough to jot on paper every occurrence, but for the majority of us we sit in a doctor office and list from recall how the day or night went. The Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer takes Mommies brain and puts it into your phone!
Setting up the thermometer is as easy as downloading the app and following the video step-by-step instructions of plugging the unit into your phone jack and waiting a few seconds for synching. After that, you are ready to customize. I recommend taking the time to add family members-name, date of birth and gender at set up rather than waiting until our child is sick and stopping to set them up. The app will store their profile so the next temperature you take it will prompt you to add it to the correct family members profile. Once profiles are set up which takes only minutes, pack it away in the provided case and keep it handy for when you need it.
The Kinsa Smart StickThermometer allows you to take an oral, rectal or under arm temperature and stores it in the appropriate members profile. You can also add notes and symptoms from a list they provide. Within notes, you can take and save a photo too. Have a rash or physical ailment you are watching? Take an initial photo and then more every so often as you give medication or treatments to track if worsening and that gives Doctor an exact map of the progression of the symptoms. Any note, temperature or symptom you add is saved with the exact time and all are stored in chronological order those dates by time.
You are full of concern and worry as it is, don’t stress your brain power anymore by having to remember times and dosages of an illness! Let the Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer be your memory and you focus on healing your child. You’ll have the profile you created at the Doctor office with you to just hand over! Oh and I almost forgot to mention, as you take your child’s temperature they will have fun popping bubbles as they wait for the read! No more temperature stress on you or your child!
Learn more and order yours today at It is the best $29.99 you will spend!
Coming Soon from Kinsa

Kinsa has launched their brand new ear thermometer on Indiegogo 9/1/2015 (supporters can get theirs for 50% off.) It’s not commercially available YET, but they are looking to get it on the shelves by Black Friday. Get the perks here:

The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win a Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 9/14. Good luck!
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