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KidzGear Gaming Headphones for kids

This is a promotional post for KidzGear

As a Mom to 3 boys, my home is overrun by video consoles and gadgets. The older boys love the online gaming through their game consoles so they can link up and play with friends. My youngest has a tablet he carries everywhere and headphones are a must…for my sanity! 
What the boys always need are the headphones with mic so that they can communicate when logged into their games and chat with their friends at the same time while they play. My youngest likes making review videos with me and play learning games that a mic makes the game play and video quality much better.

My son owns a standard pair of KidzGear headphones we keep with his DVD player in the car. Now he has this KidzGear headphone with mic he keeps with his tablet. I love that they fit him well at his young age and have a built-in volume control so he can never sit and play his games or music too loud for his little ears. The price is far below the high tags on headphones made this great of quality which I really love!
You get the headphones, carry bag and adapter kit with your purchase and you choose the color you want! When the kids have headphones, I don’t have to hear the games and songs which keeps me a bit more sane throughout the day!
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