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Kids Relief offers natural medicines for kids

This is a promotional post for Kids Relief. I was provided product. All opinions are 100% my own

Tis the season for allergies and colds! My son is 6 and always suffers this time of year with seasonal allergies. First comes the sneezing and dark circles under his eyes. Soon he has watery eyes, a runny nose and then post-nasal drip! Just think of how we feel as adults when those symptoms hit, yet he’ll go to school and still want to play and I am left explaining the discharge from his nose so parents don’t worry he is contagious! I tend to not treat except for the bad days and first few days of symptoms because I want to trust the OTC medications a bit more before I give anything too frequently. Then I was sent Kids Relief Allergy and I have been giving it to my son several times a day because I trust the ingredients!
Kids Relief Allergy is a homeopathic Medicine that is effective in relieving my son’s nasal congestion, sneezing, teary eyes and will also alleviate itching eyes, ears, throat and skin. His sneezing was so bad on the first day of using this and after his second dose that day, I have yet to hear him sneeze. The redness under his eyes eventually diminished and the best part is he was asking to take his banana-flavored medicine! He loves the taste and I am not kidding when I say that I have to talk him into all meds because the taste is too strong for him. Not Kids Relief and I am a new loyal customer for sure! I need to stock up on all of their products and see if they past his taste test still!

About Kids Relief

Kids Relief has homeopathic medicines for many ailments in your child. 
  • Allergy
  • Calming Formula
  • Gas & Colic
  • Cough & Cold
  • Cough & Cold Nighttime
  • Ear Relief
  • Flu
  • Pain & Fever
  • Teething
Kids Relief is a line in Pharmacist, Michele Boisvert’s Homeolab USA products. Since 1990, Homeolab USA has brought over 200 homeopathic remedies made from over 1,500 root substances. The ingredients in my Kids Relief Allergy are root substances themselves from Pulsatilla 8X (Wildflower) to Sabadilla 6X (Cevadilla). They are made for kids 2 and older.
You can find Kids Relief products at many natural food stores including some Whole Foods, Winn-Dixie and also Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon and more!

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