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Kids Party Planning with Zuru Toys and Party Balloons

The party! Your kid has been counting down and visualizing their party since last birthday! Some years my son has had a large party and other years he has chosen a large gift or an experience. We always celebrate with extended family regardless of having a large friends party and there is always some constants…cake, decorations, balloons and entertainment.

Having all boys, keeping the child guests entertained is my top priority. Our youngest has a late May birthday so I can plan some fun ‘warm weather’ activities. There is nothing more entertaining to a group of young boys than water toys and balloons. Hand a crowd of boys these water toys and they will stay occupied for hours. ZURU has been my go-to throughout the years for water balloons, water guns and now for filling party balloons. Kids party planning is so easy with these products.

My son is excited for the X-Shot Fast Fill water gun! It has a large water fill port so by simply opening the tank port and dunking the water gun in water it fills in 2 seconds! Not only does it fill fast, it has RapidSeal technology that closes the blaster tank instantly allowing battlers to get back to the blasting action long before their opponents and it shoots 34 feet in distance!

Have you tried the Bunch O Balloons Self Sealing Party Balloons? This is a game changer for your party planning. Not only does it fill as many as 40 balloons in 40 seconds, it will also fill your inflatables. Fill the inflatable pool, inflatable water gun fight bases and more in seconds and move on to the other party planning tasks. It is so easy to use, the kids can easily fill balloons and take that task on themselves. See the video below!

Perhaps you are already familiar with the popular Bunch O Balloons 100 Self-Sealing Water Balloons. I can’t keep these saved in my home. If I come home with a package it is an instant outside activity. Need to get the kids off the video games? Bring home a package or two of these water balloons. They will fill them and play by themselves. Your balloon hose filling, tying fingers are not required.

You can find ZURU products online or at major retailers near you and online such as Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Comment: I have partnered with ZURU for this feature. Some product was sent and some link are affiliate links throughout the post

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