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Kids LiveWell App offers healthy choices while eating out with kids

Have you looked at a kids menu lately? Some sort of fried food or cheeseburger with fries and hardly a fruit or veggie choice! Some establishments are catching on the the healthier consumer, but many more are not. At the every least, could a restaurant not throw an orange slice or two as complimentary on that plate of burgers and fries for the kids? Finding restaurants and fast food establishments that do offer healthier choices for kids is easy to locate thanks to the Kids LiveWell program that now is available on app for iOS and Android. I have the app on my phone and use it to see what meals my son would enjoy that come with healthier choices.
Did you know that Applebees kids menu offers chicken grillers and broccoli or applesauce and even steak as an option? Arby’s offers a side chopped salad as an option (my son’s favorite). Bonefish Grill offers grilled chicken and asparagus and even Red Robin has chicken on a stick and chicken burgers for the kids. There are over 42,000 participating restaurant locations nationwide that you will find and with a click on the app you can pull up the kids menus at each restaurant. Search by any location or just let it search ‘near you’.
Not only do you get to view the kids menu options for each restaurant, you get nutritional information right in your fingertips! I pulled up Red Robins menu for example and their Grilled Chick-On-A-Stick with Apple Slices and glass of 1% milk is 260 calories and has 23 g of sugar and 0 trans fats. Compare that to a standard fast food kids cheeseburger, fries and sprite which has 540 calories, 44 g of sugar and .5g of trans fats. By simply pulling up the Kids LiveWell app, you can compare and make healthier choices. 
These participating restaurants have committed to providing healthier menu choices for your child. They will offer fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, low fat dairy and limit unhealthy fats, sugars and sodium.  
You’re invited to the birthday celebrations on July 28 from 1-3 pm ET. Follow Kids LiveWell on Twitter to learn more and use the hashtag #4yrsofKidsLiveWell.

Just look for this logo on menus to know you are making a healthy menu choice while dining at participating restaurants:
While eating at any of these participating restaurants, snap a photo and win!
Download the app today:
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