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Kids Digestive Health with Culturelle Kids

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Our Culturelle Story

On  recent visit to my 8 year old son’s Doctor I brought up an issue he has had for some time in a mild manner, but has now worsened. His gas pains! He used to get gas pains 2-3 times a year that were bad enough to wake him in sleep and keep him awake all night. No he started at about once a month.

He has enlarged bowels. We think from him being a toddler and holding #2 unless he was home. He refused, even in a diaper, to go at daycare or grandma’s and would hold it and come home to have massive bowel movements. I thought it was something he would grow out of and once out of diapers it is hard to monitor bowel movements.

Now, by age 8 he has trained his bowels to hold more-a lot more. What a fun topic, isn’t it? It is to the point where the muscles are so stretched that the trigger for needing to go is essentially pinched off. This explained why he suddenly jumps up and runs to the bathroom. So we need to get them back down to size.


The Regimen

I had to find 3 days of not much happening and essentially laxative him up. Once he was empty we are on a MiraLax and probiotic regimen for 6 months and eventually just the probiotic ongoing. During this process we have to limit dairy as well. The probiotic will help with overall digestive health and help the live culture supplement while limiting milk. I also give him a Calcium and Vitamin D supplement.

With the powder magnesium supplement he has to drink for 6 months, it was a fight to add another powder supplement. I had him on the Culturelle Kids Regularity for the added fiber, but wanted something besides the flavor packs so thank goodness Culturelle makes a tasty chewable tablet.

He loves them and may have to keep him on the chewables even after the regimen ends because there is no fight at all in getting him to take the tablets. Perhaps added fiber is what your child needs and then I highly recommend the Culturelle Regularity Gentle-Go packets or even the standard Culturelle Kids Packets work great if giving a chewable is not the right regimen for you. Plus, you can sneak those packets into recipes like I feature here.

Culturelle packets

The Culturelle Kids Chewable Daily Probiotic Formula is a berry flavored tablet. It is small and contains 100% naturally sourced LactobacillusGG. Keeping a child’s digestive health on track is also a great immune support for the body. The reason we chose Culturelle Kids is because it does not have dairy and it also does not contain gluten, lactose, milk, synthetic colors, soy, yeast or preservatives.

Culturelle kids standard

We did our homework and some Q&A with his doctor and it was determined that Culturelle was the best probiotic for him. Visit to learn more.

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