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Kids craft using Airheads candy

I was sent samples in behalf of Smiley360

My Airheads craft was taken over by my son and here is the story as well as the result. I was sent a variety of Airheads candies to create a craft. I went to Michael’s store to grab what I would need to form a fun fruit bowl I envisioned. I was going to weave and flatten together and then serve sliced oranges at the party in it as it sits on a platter. I got home and explained to my son one Friday afternoon my plan of a candy fruit bowl to take to a Halloween party the next day. He then proceeds to say “Hmmm. That sounds nice, but because Airheads is my most favorite candy shouldn’t I create a bowl all by myself?” I thought that was a great idea so I set the table with all he would need and let him start (assuming he’ll turn it over to me anyway). He took the project from beginning to end and there was a comical twist to it all.
He started by unwrapping all of the candies and with my muscle we rolled all of them out per his instructions however as I got half way through them he told me to not roll anymore. I stopped. He asked how to make a basket so I showed him to weave the candies and we did. I helped-he guided. As he started folding up the sides I suggested I roll more candy so we can weave sides and use the materials I bought to form the shape and then…the twist. “No, Mom! If I do it your way I won’t have any Airheads left for me. I did it my way so I would have some left over and I like this better!” There you go-my materials I bought are saved for another project, we have more like a candy dish and he has a stash of Airheads left!
Ways to use Airheads candies

Airheads candies: these are the traditional Airheads strips and these can be rolled, flattened and cut into fun shapes.
Airheads Bites: These come in bags and are round so they make fun pastry decor or wheels or heads on fun handmade treats
Airheads Xtremes are sour strips like the ones my son layered under his candy bowl. These are fun for rolling up or wrapping a cupcake, etc…
To see my son light up and get more involved than I thought he might to see a bag of Airheads and rolling pins and cutters, it was a blast to see him get creative and he was so proud of this dish he made. He proudly poured his Airheads Bites into it and feeds off of them from his homemade bowl.
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