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Kids Christmas Eve table and homemade 7-Up Shirley Temples

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We all know that the excitement levels in our children hit at least the day before a big event. To find ways to keep them entertained while you finish with last minute tasks to prepare for your next days event can be challenging when they are full of excitement. This is why I have a kids Eve table and with the holidays here, I have my kids Christmas Eve table set up and ready!

The idea of the table is to give your kids a way to channel that excitement by making items they need for their big day! They are kept busy and you have some more spare time to do your tasks that need to get done.

Our kids Christmas Eve table is lined with brown shipping paper. You can buy this paper by the roll in the office supply section of most stores. this paper protects your table and contains the messes. It also makes excellent wrapping paper so if the kids finish their projects early, they can draw all over the paper and you have fun wrapping paper to use!

We also have white paper plates. These make fun Santa cookie plates. My son made a plate that we can keep Santa’s cookies on that evening. Any additional plates can be used to serve cookies to guests and they will love it. If you plan to serve to guests, I recommend permanent color markers so no marker run off happens on your food.

We also set our pre-labeled ‘Dear Santa’ paper so they can write letters to Santa to put in their stocking that night. On the table I have a recordable Christmas story book. When I prop it as fun table decor, it opens the pages just enough to start reading out loud the story I recorded. They hear the story as they work away.

Making a table at the eve of any special day helps entertain the kids. Make sure you add some treats and fun drinks like homemade 7-Up Shirley Temples! They are so easy to make and the kids will love them!

7-Up Shirley Temple Recipe (kid-friendly)

  • 7-Up
  • Maraschino cherries (with stems) in their juice
  • Ice

Fill a cup of ice with 7-Up. Grab a spoon and add a teaspoon of the maraschino cherry juice to taste and drop in a cherry or two

The best part is that I was able to stop by my local Safeway for all of my table needs. From 7-Up to paper plates, Safeway has the brands I love all in one place.

Enjoy these other Eve table ideas (for your on sanity):

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  • Vacation Eve table: fill snack sacks to pack, create a journal cover, make a to-do wish list while on vacation
  • Relatives Visiting Eve table: welcome letter, ice sugar cookies, drawings for guest room wall art to hang

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