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Kids App Toy: StikBot Studio Pro

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It is the technology of today and the effects of having social media apps has trickled into our kids lives. From FB groups for class projects to sending social cards to Grandma and Grandpa, the kids have means to write, create and share information in the palm of their hands. To say that kids need to be limited in technology is something I seem to always hear and read about, but technology is their world and it is being used in school and Universities as well as jobs. My youngest is active in sports and outside with friends, so when he wants to play with electronics and get creative in apps I am all for it! The more familiar he is with learning to create and think around electronics, the better prepared he’ll be as he grows with this new and always developing world of technology.
Zing has now introduced the StikBot Studio Pro. You may have seen this colorful box in toy sections at retailers-I just saw it on an end cap at my local Walmart this weekend. The box has the contents and the app brings it alive. Once you purchase your StikBot studio, you will download the free Google Play or iOS app. Now it is time to play and bring your creativity into video and photos that are customizable and sharable.
The contents include 2 stickBots, a tripod for your phone, display boxes and background screen and platform with a blue side and green side for taking videos or adding shots with your own backgrounds from images they have to choose from or from your own camera roll.

The StikBots are bendable and have suction cups on their hands and feet that can stick to almost any flat surface and helps hold them in place when taking video still shots. 

We had fun posing and taking photos with our own backgrounds like my son posing in the photo below in a dance move!
Within the app you can choose from their provided backdrops and fade them in and out as clear as you choose using a sensitivity bar. Above we placed them in the streets and below we have one on the moon and added a speech bubble my son wanted. From here you can save to your camera roll and share with friends and family!

Video below puts it all in action for you!
You can find the StikBot Studio Pro set at retailers near you and find StikBots on Amazon!
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