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Kickstarter Feature: Aquasana Filter Water Bottle

I may or may not be compensated. This is a Kickstarter feature

Kickstarter Feature
Aquasana Filter Water Bottle
This one is for all of the water bottle users which is just about everyone at some point and time. I use them and my kids use them for sports and I have to find filtered water to put in it or waste resources by buying bottled water to pour in. So I was alerted to this great product on Kickstarter which will filter our water within the actual bottle! Here is the map of this bottle below….
Almost every Kickstarter has a video that gives you all of the information about the product you need to feel invested and here is Aquasana’s message…

Stop buying bottles of water which are not the best option for the environment and don’t worry about your water source again. Whether you refill at a drinking fountain or someone’s kitchen sink, you will consume only the purest filtered water from that bottle!
Learn more and as with all Kickstarter-you donate even a $1 or more and you get perks! See the perks of Aquasana support here
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