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Keto-Friendly Foods That Taste Great

Keto-Friendly Foods That Taste Great

Avoiding carbs is so hard! Everything has carbs and added sugars. In eating a lazy KETO diet I have managed to find foods that fill me up and I get enough protein. What I really love is that more brands are listening to our health habits and finally offering lower carb options in the foods we love. From breakfast to baking it is much easier now to find low carb options. Here a few keto-friendly foods I have been eating.

FOND bone broth is a great source for the amino acids, collagen, gelatin and trace minerals your body craves! Naturally gluten, dairy, and sugar free, full of collagen and free of toxins, each jar of bone broth is packed with flavors that will nourish and delight.

FOND bone broths come in 7 infused flavors. Sip them col or heat up and enjoy! Available flavors: Inside Job (apple cider vinegar, fennel, bay leaves), Youth Tonic (shiitake, sage, shallot), The Spur (poblano, beets, serrano pepper), Trolley Dodger (yellow onion, radish, lemon), Liquid Light (black pepper, thyme, turmeric), Bouquet Garni (Rosemary, Sage, Thyme), Nopalito (Nopale, cilantro, habañero).

Fond Bone Broths

Happy Day Brands is a company focused on crafting all natural, Non-GMO and Organic products. I love their Pancake and Waffle mix for a delicious and easy low-carb breakfast.

keto pancakes

With this pancake mix you just add water. The mix is made with almond, coconut and cassava flours, with a hint of natural sweetness from Monk Fruit. Whip some up as a dessert and add berries and a whipped heavy cream-yum! 0 grams Sugar-3 grams Net Carbs-4 grams Fiber-9 grams Carbohydrates and dairy free! Also available on Amazon.

Happy Day Foods

Better Body Foods Avocado Oil Mayo is also KETO-friendly and adds a sauce to make lunches even better! This creamy spread combines cage-free eggs with rich avocado oil. Naturally carb and trans fat-free! Also available on Amazon.

Better Body Foods Avocado Mayo

Enjoy these delicious options as you meal plan. Eating low carb just got better!

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