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Keeping Your Family Safe When Traveling

Keeping Your Family Safe When Traveling
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Taking your family on vacation adds a new layer of pressure, as it becomes all the more important to keep your children safe in a new and unfamiliar place. Fortunately, common-sense safety rules generally transfer from one country to the next, and you can execute most precautions before even starting on your trip. Taking the extra steps for health and keeping your family safe when traveling will enable a comfortable, worthwhile visit for your entire family, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time once you reach your destination.

Stay Covered

When traveling with a family, you should ensure you’re adequately insured for accidents and emergencies before starting your trip. Always read the fine print before taking out a travel insurance policy: some activities, such as scuba diving or water rafting, may not be covered by your policy. In some instances, basic emergency medical expenses for tourists will be covered by a country’s nationalized health service, but it can be difficult to navigate the healthcare system of a new country, especially if you are unfamiliar with the language. In these instances, private health cover with Qantas recommends taking out a supplemental policy that will offset the costs of using the national health service. Private insurance options often incur shorter wait times at the hospital, which is valuable if you need emergency medical attention.

Watch The Water

Upon reaching your destination, it’s generally wise to buy filtered water in bulk and keep some with you at all times. In particular, it’s important to request bottled water (not tap) when eating in restaurants and cafes because tap water isn’t safe to drink in most places. For more specific information, the CDC publishes food and water guidelines for traveling abroad which may give you more detailed tips for your vacation. In some instances, it may be necessary to wash your teeth with filtered water to prevent disease. You can also research food safety and hygiene ratings for individual restaurants prior to booking reservations for your trip.

Thinking Ahead

You can make safety a top priority on your vacation by keeping a small medical aid kit including ibuprofen, Band Aids, allergy medicine and any prescriptions your family members may need on hand. if you are going to places you’ve never been, having medical items readily available will help avoid locating a comparable product in unfamiliar territory. When traveling during the day, use the same rules that apply for day trips in your home country: stick to a buddy system and identify a “lost” place where family members should go in the event that one of them wanders off. It’s also important to know where to find the closest doctor or medical clinic if you will be staying in one place for the entirety of your trip. 

Safety is always a top priority for parents, but once you take basic factors into account there’s no reason you and your kids shouldn’t enjoy vacationing in an international destination. Modern technology has enabled safer and more reliable travel across the world: meaning that with the right amount of planning, your family can witness new cultures safely and comfortably with minimal risk .

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