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Keeping your student hydrated with SodaStream

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We just did the parent college thing. We dropped the middle son off to his first year of college across state. His older brother stayed close to home so this was our first drop off. There was such a learning curve from financial aid, books, classes, dorm living and so much more so that he adjusts well and there are no flaws in the college process. Now he is there and starting his second week of classes and his new life begins. As a Mom I still worry. Is he doing his laundry and in clean clothes? Is he budgeting his meal money? And is he eating healthy and staying hydrated? So we are giving him a SodaStream sparkling water maker to make sure he is keeping hydrated.


When they are younger it is easy to see the signs of hunger and thirst in them. Our boys can get into the worst meltdowns and my husband would look at me puzzled as to their mood swing. As a Mom we tend to know the cause and something as simple as thirst or hunger can most likely cause these moods. I could tell my husband-just go up there and give him something to drink and a snack. He wondered if I was rewarding the behavior. He had to trust me that a bit of liquid and a snack would be an instant cure. Dehydration not only causes irritability, but also fatigue, dizziness and even muscle cramps and headaches. Sending your student a SodaStream is a fun way for them to stay hydrated and make sure they are taking care of their stressed bodies at this time of their lives.


The reason why I want my son to have this SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker is the size. He has so little room he shares with a friend. They also share the small fridge. There is little room for bottles or cans of beverages and I really don’t want them relying on sodas and sugary beverages all day. The SodaStream is so slim and does not require an outlet. Just a carbonator is needed and those are available at most retailers. The SodaStream sparkling waters are a great option for mixes as they are not soda with sugars. You make naturally flavored water without the caffeine.


SodaStream has 6 different sparkling water units and the one I am featuring is the Fizzi. The other five are named the Source, Power, Crystal, Fountain Jet and Penguin. The Fizzi is one of their slimmest designs. It comes with the water maker unit, 1 Liter BPA-free Reusable Carbonating Bottle and 60L CO2 Carbonator.


The youngest loves the Berry Mix. There are so many flavor options available. Look for SodaStream at your nearest reatiler. You will also find them online at many online stores so you can get a unit off to your student too.



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Elizabeth O.

I love this, I’ve read about this before and I think it’s pretty awesome. I really like the idea of making your own soda at home and you don’t have to worry about the sugar or any of that unhealthy stuff too!

Nicole Escat

I haven’t tried this product, actually it is my first time to know about this. I am so excited to buy some.


I’ve been eyeing this soda stream for the longest time. Perhaps it’s high time I really purchase one. Good luck to your son! I know how you must feel right now — worries and all. I’ve been down that road and it gets easier with time.


I’ve never heard of this product before, seems like a great option for making soda! Love the design!