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Keeping Your Home Safe While Traveling Over the Holidays with Vimtag

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If you are a home owner or even renter, do you have a bit of worry in the back of your brain about leaving your home unattended? I bet you do because you are not alone. Especially over the holidays when burglaries are on the rise and package porch thefts are too common, leaving our home while we travel makes us feel vulnerable. We have a home security, but it doesn’t record. It will sound loudly if someone breaks in and immediately text us for an OK to call police or fire. However, I wish it wasn’t so expensive or a hassle to add monitoring by camera. It is 1 camera and we had to choose only 1 location to monitor which is our front porch. That all changed when our Vimtag equipment arrived.

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Vimtag camera and cloud storage boxes gives you added office or home security with no monthly fees. Buy an S1 Vimtag Storage Box and store 60-plus days of digital video. It supports 4 Vimtag cameras at a time and offers local video playback via internal micro SD card. Connecting near my router was simple. I simply leave it plugged in and stores my monitoring. If you plan on getting a camera or two, I highly recommend the storage box for a free and easy-to access storage of all feeds. They do offer bundle deals also.

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Connecting the camera and storage box was easy to do through the app. Tip- just be sitting near your home router if connecting wirelessly for a faster and seamless connection then you can take the camera to any end of your home and set it up. The camera will connect via bluetooth and you would set up the storage box on that same wifi.

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As I type this post it is dusk outside and this is the image off my phone that my camera upstairs is picking up. I can set it to night mode automatically so it will change at dark. I can also take my finger and swipe on my phone-the camera senses that and the lens moves for you. It is the app pan and tilt function and I can also zoom in with my fingers on my phone to display a 4x zoom. From my phone app, I can also take a still photo or set it to record for different lengths.

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The camera I have is the Vimtag P1 Smart Cloud IP camera. It also has 360 degree audio pick up and 2 way voice function if using as a nanny or child cam inside the home. If you want to place a camera outside, I would recommend the B1 Waterproof Cloud IP Camera from Vimtag. I have mine in my bedroom window looking out.

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The set up I have which is the indoor camera and storage box will run you about $280 and there are no hidden fees after that. The bundle of these 2 items PLUS the outdoor camera will run you about $385. Such a deal for peace of mind when away (or at) your home. You can find Vimtag products at Walmart. Visit Vimtag to learn more.

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