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Keep Your Feet Warm with Arcopedico Milan II Knit Boots

It’s a cold winter! Seattle has already seen snow days and early January is early snow for us. Most of our big events in the lowlands happen into February so Winter is far from over. I am one of those people who have perpetually cold feet and hands. I also love soft and cuddly clothing and blankets in the cold. That’s why I am in love with my new Arcopedico Milan II Knit Boots.

When these boots arrived to me they were even better then I read about. I think I have worn them everywhere I can since the day they arrived. They are so comfortable with the twin arch support system. You feel that support mid foot when you walk.

The soft, warm synthetic fur lining keeps my feet warm. They are 100% free of animal products as well.

The soles are great on any surface. Want to slip your feet into the Milan II Knit boots? Available on: https://arcopedicousa.com/

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