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Keep your children safe this Halloween with ELPH Safety Band

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Halloween is one event that happens yearly where the kids are running around in the dark in unrecognizable attire and knocking on strangers doors. If you think about it, it goes against everything we tell our child not to do. We don’t want them approaching strangers, we don’t like them out past dark and we want them in reflective and attire they can easily see and hear while wearing. It is just one night, right? Perhaps, by using a product like ELPH Safety Band, we show our kids that safety is still important even on this night!
What is the Elph Safety Band?

This is a silicone and non-toxic band that your child will want to wear. The contrasting colors make it easy to read the instructions in the event your child is lost and found by someone else. The band has a QR code scanner , web address and phone number so that the proper protocol can be made to connect your child with you and your child’s personal information is not displayed on the band!
You control what information about your child is seen when logged in to locate contacts. You can have available all contacts, allergies and other conditions that may need to be known to personnel or that good samaritan who sited your lost child!

How do I get my ELPH Safety Band today?

For less than $20 you get the band and 1 year service. Choose from toddler, child or adult size in Pink or Navy. Visit to get yours now!

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