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Keep the allergens outside with the Venta Airwasher

This is a promotional post for Venta. Opinions are my own

Without fail-every fall and spring- allergies hit hard in our home! This year has been such an odd weather pattern in Wa. State with very little snow and rain and warm days. Everyone who suffers from allergies have had a horrible spring with this dry air we are not used to. My son who just turned 7 came down with his very first sinus infection this year. He always has nasal congestion twice a year, but because the allergens came soon and sudden, we were not prepared and the sinus infection for him and the one I suffered from as they came before any normal symptoms. If you live on the East Coast, your weather took a turn this year also and you may be experiencing similar allergen issues that are not as common with the abnormally cold winter you had. Our homes can easily trap these allergens and pollens that come in from outside and it is important to treat this polluted air for optimal health all year long. The Venta Airwasher is doing just that in my home and I hope for a better allergy season come fall and the rest of this spring.

Venta Airwashers work to rid the air in your home of bacteria, allergens and pollen with no filters to replace so you can experience cold relief, less dry air headaches, better air flow for optimal concentration and a healthier home! These are so easy to set up, easy to fill and are low-energy so it also gets the Eco-Friendly product stamp!
The video below explains better than words, just how the Airwasher works
Owning a Venta Airwasher
  • Only daily maintenance needed is to fill with water
  • Setting proper area humidity levels happen after a 7-10 day continuous run of this low-energy unit
  • Proper placement of your Venta Airwasher is 2 feet away from any wall or divider with vents facing away from the wall
  • Empty and rinsing your Venta Airwasher is only needed about every 2 weeks.
  • You can purchase optional fragrance oils from Venta meant for use with their Airwashers for a fragrant and essential oil treatment for your home
Types of Venta Airwashers

Venta LW 15: great for spaces up to 200 sq. ft., has 2 speeds and weighs about 7 pounds
Venta LW25: great for spaces up to 400 sq. ft., has 3 speeds and weighs about 8.5 pounds
Venta LW45: great for spaces up to 800 sq. ft, has 3 speeds and weighs about 13 pounds
The Venta Airwasher will become a constant running appliance that is quiet, low-energy and will make for a healthier home every day of the year. With sizes of Airwashers to match any space, these are great for the nursery, office or common living area-even dorm rooms!
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