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Keep food fresh longer with Ozeri INSTAVAC Food Storage Containers #Review

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Are you a Leftover person? I am typically not and it is because I am real picky about the freshness of my food. The looks of food after a day of refrigeration in a baggie or container is not appealing at all! Then there is the dilema of guessing how long a container has been sitting in the fridge. Ozeri now has my favorite kitchen staple-the INSTAVAC Green Earth Food Storage Container Set. These are BPA-free and comes in a nesting 8-piece set with vacuum seal and locking lids. How brilliant is this? You can seal your food, in a container (no more sealing bags which can be a mess) and set the date on the lid. 
I love the quality of Ozeri’s products and these storage containers do not lack the feel and look of good quality material. I have always trusted Ozeri in providing a chemical-free cooking item and the prices are such a great value. I also love that the containers have a rifged bottom so food stays elevated above liquid run off.
How to use Ozer INSTAVAC Food Storage Containers

Choosing the right container is easy as the set comes in 4 useful sizes. Lock the lid on and press firmly in the center of the lid until valve pops up. The release tab allows food to stay freshly sealed so there is no leaking of liquid or spills. 
Last-set the date! No more guessing how long that food has been sitting on the refrigerator shelf!
To learn more and get a set for your self or as a gift, visit the product on Amazon

Disclosure: I was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own

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