Keap Athletic Shorts – With Pockets That Work

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. All opinions are 100% my own. There may be affiliate links within this post as well that could result in compensation for Parenting Healthy

Are the boys in your home always losing keys, cell phones and wallets from their pockets? Every time they sit, do their pockets fail them? Keap Athletic Shorts are made (finally) with pockets that actually work!

My 11 year old is THAT shorts guy. Despite the chili Pacific NW, he wears shorts year round even in snow and rain. Just last month we had a phone catastrophe when he dropped his phone from his pocket and it shattered. $125 later it was repaired (he sold a handheld gaming system to afford that fix and get his phone back).

Truth is, I was waiting for that to happen. He is athletic and always carries his stuff in pockets and some shorts have very shallow pockets that fail him all day long. His middle school has a new ‘no cell phone’ rule. They can have out at lunch and before or after school, but cannot carry them in the hallways and if one is seen you start with warnings to confiscation. He is so nervous his phone can slip out and then he gets written up.

When I showed him his new Keap Athletic Shorts he was excited to give them a try. The shorts are designed with pockets that are 11’’ deep and open horizontally. When pockets open at the sides and are too shallow they are not going to hold stuff in as soon as you sit down.

Keap shorts are available in 6 colors and sizes adult small to 4XL. Anthony wears size 14 (he is tall and skinny for his age) and he is wearing adult small in his photos above. Visit Keap Athletics to order yours for the Holidays and all year round.

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