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K9 Planet Adventure Box for Both the Kids and Dogs

K9 Planet Adventure Box for Both the Kids and Dogs

Everyone loves opening subscription boxes. The kids especially love finding mail and opening gift boxes. I have had some for myself and some with food and treats, others for my son. Somehow my dogs will always know when one must be for them. I assume they know the smell of their dog treats. They do the same with groceries if I pick them up treats, they just know there is something in there for them on days I stock up.

K9 Planet is a lot of fun and unique. The kids will love the toys for their pets (or them) and the dogs love the treats. Ace is the adventurous dog featured and each month he heads to a different spot around the world and brings back fun surprises for the K9 Planet box.

There’s a passport with stamps for each country covered for them to keep track of and of course it would not be complete without the two durable toys and two healthy treats for the pets! Then head over to guess where Ace is heading next and win prizes.

We feature the first stop (September’s box) which was an Introductory box meaning Ace is starting in the United States of America. We got an Ace plush and pilot as well as 2 bags of Happy Tails treats.

This makes such a great ongoing Holiday gift idea. K9 Planet Adventure Box is currently available starting at $19.95 on  https://k9planet.com/

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