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Juvederm Ultra 4 may be a great solution for your skin

Medical science is constantly progressing. This can be reflected through various solutions that it
provides enabling us to tackle minor issues and severe diseases. Among other things, today, it is possible to remove effects of aging. As we get older, our skin gets older with us. First wrinkles start appearing which shows us that our cells are slowly starting to die out. Even though this is an irreversible process, we are able to inject different artificial matters based on natural substances in order to replenish production of these crucial ingredients for our skin.

One of the best supplemental therapies is that which uses medical fillers. As their name implies,they are meant to fill the gaps that appear in the skin. This can be accomplished by using purified substances such as hyaluronic acid. Good thing about this matter is that it is already present within the skin. So, by using different facial fillers such as Juvederm Ultra 4, we are able to replenish amount of hyaluronic acid and return it to a normal level. Particular substance is important for absorption of water and as everybody knows, water is the most important component of the skin giving it hydration and healthy look. Anyway, there is a reason why these drugs are called medical fillers. Besides cosmetic function, they have medical role as well allowing patient to cover acne, scars and other facial imperfection. Medicine is used for lower parts of the face. Some people like combining it with botox therapy that treats upper regions. Together, they provide excellent solution for wrinkles.

There are numerous reasons why medical fillers are so popular. As previously mentioned, these drugs use natural substances. Given that they are already present in the body as it is, organism will not recognize them as foreign agents. Side effects are usually negligible, body can absorb hyaluronic acid easier and there will be no chemical disturbance which is otherwise common for certain drugs. Similarly, treatment is a really fast one. It usually lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. Juvederm Ultra 4 has anesthetics inside meaning that the treatment will be painless. The biggest problem that may arise is skin irritation, especially swelling. Many people have sensitive skin. Although needles used for medical filler treatment are small, there is a good chance of swelling afterwards. Professionals from Doctor Medica recommend using an ice pack as a tried and tested method to reduce this problem. After the treatment, patients should avoid putting certain products on face that may disturb the process.  Other things such as physical exercise or alcohol are forbidden as well because they can dehydrate the skin.

Even though use of cosmetic fillers is harmless, it is not recommended for everybody. After initial examination, doctor can determine if you even need it or what kind of effect can you expect.
Juvederm Ultra 4 is not recommended for people in their twenties because there is no need for this drug at that age. Also, people with infections and other skin issue as well as pregnant women, should consult with their medical provider before deciding to start the procedure.

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