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Justin’s on-the-go Peanut Butter Options

This is a promotional post for Justin’s. Opinions are my own

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Justin’s Products for healthier summer baking
If you have not experienced Justin’s products, I highly recommend you do! We love Justin’s Peanut Butter and I love that it offers the extra protein packed into these products. I am an extremely on-the-go Mom. Taking a 2 hour shift to help feed lunch to the High Schoolers, assume PTA President duties, Keep a Blog, be a Baseball, Basketball, Soccer Mom for my youngest and currently arrange College Tours and admissions communications for our teen who will graduate High School next year, leaves me only able to get my energy on the fly! As simple as it sounds, the best power snack is to whip up a PB & Jelly sandwich. It gives a well-rounded nutritional boost when you use a Peanut Butter with the right ingredients like Justin’s. I also will make Peanut Butter Protein Bars where I add flax and hemp seeds for added nutrients. 
I use the recipe I get from this link ( and add some Flax/Hemp packets I have for added protein and Omega 3’s! 
When whipping up sandwiches or protein bars does not fit into your schedule, then grab a Justin’s Peanut Butter, Almond Butter or our favorite-Chocolate Hazelnut Butter packet and a baggie or pretzels or fruit and eat on-the-go. You can even pack Justin’s Peanut Butter Cup bars that come in milk, dark and white chocolate varieties. I wish I knew what the white chocolate tasted like, but my boys devoured them before I got the chance to taste them myself. 
Justin’s products are packed full of the protein you need to get through your day and now there are choices beyond the jar of nut butters that we love so much! Visit to see all of the products offered and where you buy near you!

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