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Just Maagy novel teaches children about social responsibility

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Just Maagy children’s book
As my son enters second grade he is right at the age where he loves book series’. We will spend several nights reading a book and he can’t wait for the next edition to release. I love the stories that teach him with real meaning about life skills. Just Maagy is a tad mature for him at second grade, but I will still tackle this book with him a little at the time because it is so engaging and easy to read.
Just Maggy is a story for boys and girls. It teaches honesty, trust, personal and social responsibility and about humility. This is the first in a 4 book series that follows Maagy as she grows and encounters life lessons every child faces. 
This story is engaging and your child will experience creative illustrations, maps and humorous situations and lessons.
Books are such a great gift over the holidays and this book is full of meaning!

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