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Just Add Noodles for pool relaxation

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

One of the most relaxing places to be is floating on water. Whether it be in a lake or a pool, you get serenity when you float and have the coolness of water surrounding you on a hot day. So you grab your raft and blow it up and realize as you lie on it, you should have put more air into it. If you did blow it up enough, give it an hour or two and you’ll need air again. Then there are pool noodles,  but by themselves can be awkward and you can’t lay down and relax on them. 
Just Add Noodles is the perfect solution. Once you see it for yourself you’ll wonder why you never thought of this! Simply buy 2 noodles and cut them to the suggested size, slip in the covers, attach straps and you can relax for hours. It does come with air noodles that are very durable and hold air if you prefer that over pool noodles. It goes together in minutes and lasts for each use afterwards.

Not only does Just Add Noodles offer what you need to finally relax comfortably on the water, $1 of every purchase goes to Water for People charity. Float peacefully, knowing your purchase is saving lives all while never having to blow air into a floating mattress every hour again!
Learn more and see all of the colors and style at

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