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Jurassic World Mania in our home

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Have you seen the movie of the summer-Jurassic World? My son has seen it twice and all he can talk about is wanting to see it again and waiting for it to come out to buy! Last year we started a tradition of showing him old movies we used to watch when younger. This has been such a great experience. Many of these movies can be found in the $5 bins at retailers and he has come to gain an appreciation for some classic titles. He loves The Goonies, Little Rascals, Original Annie and Indiana Jones. So as the release of Jurassic World came near I decided to try the original 3 Jurassic Park movies wondering if they were not too scary for him. After watching Jurassic Park, he was hooked! I rented Jurassic Park-Lost World a few weeks later and then he had a birthday and took his own money to buy the trilogy. By the time Jurassic World came to theaters he was so excited for it!
He did well with the movie-was not scared and my husband took him while I was out of state at a conference. My husband is a huge critic of movies-hard to find one he says is great. He told me I had to take our son one afternoon again-that it was the best movie he had seen in years. So, one afternoon while my husband worked, I took my son to a matinee and he saw it again!
He is now addicted to all things Jurassic World. Not only did he spend birthday money on the Jurassic Park Trilogy, he bought Jurassic Park Legos, dog tags and stickers.
I was also alerted to the costume site, Wonder Costumes where they have an Owen costume he wants! I googled a few other costume sites and this site has a great selection and the prices are right on too! He already knows he wants to be Owen for Halloween so this is why I am searching so I can wait for promo codes and deals as it gets closer. I thought I’d share this site with you because Jurassic World is all the rage this year and when I see something that excites my son so much like the Jurassic Park costumes for Halloween-his favorite holiday-I like to share with you. 
Here are a few costumes at Wonder Costume. If you have a Jurassic World fan, they will love these!

Do you have a Jurassic fan at home? Will they likely shop Jurassic costumes and toys for upcoming holidays? Have you found fun merchandise online with the Jurassic World theme?
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