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Joya Essentials Essential Oil Diffuser and Essential Oils


I am so happy to be sent this essential oil diffuser as it looks so great in design and I have it by my desk. The output is fantastic. I have owned diffusers that have such a low output it is hard to enjoy the scent. This one works great. I love how long it will stay on and diffuse-up to 8 hours! There are so many color-changing options and stays cool to the touch. It also comes with a free peppermint oil that smells so great!
Joya Essentials Essential Oil Diffuser and Essential Oils
I requested a Grapefruit Oil to be sent with my order because I love the scent and use it in making homemade cleaners. The actual diffuser comes with a wall charger. The shipping was great and it arrived in excellent shape.



If you have been thinking about buying an essential oil diffuser this is a great unit. The ambiance is great! As you can see even a bold shade like blue shines a nice pleasant hue.
Visit to see all of the oils and oil blends as well as the diffuser to get you started or to add to your home with another one you may have. I use 3 diffusers in my home. I have one in my living room, one in my family room and one for the bedrooms-I put it in my room but if my son is ill I will move it to his room and burn some oils while he sleeps.

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