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Join RE(ACT) Community and support rare diseases

In collaboration with Buzzoole


There are over 8,000 rare and orphan diseases. Because they are rare, getting funds to research these can be difficult. The Scientists and research ideas are there and the only thing missing is education and funding. Now you can help by joining RE(ACT) Community. Here is how…


Start by signing up for RE(ACT) Community: HERE.

The idea is to connect an international network in order to support the scientific research about rare and orphan diseases through the direct involvement of different types of stakeholders.
1. Meet: researchers can meet each other and collaborate.
2. Share: researchers can share their studies, and patients have the possibility to talk about their health experience.
3. Learn: users can exchange knowledge about relevant studies, conferences, and meetings.
4. Support: users can support the RE(ACT) Community overall project or donate to a single disease/research project.

You will find over 7,000 rare diseases listed and if someone you know suffers from these diseases, this is a great community for you to join. At the very least, share this with those you know who suffer or work in the fields. When you locate the disease within the community, then follow it. Then you want to share with friends and family so they follow too. Once 15 people follow the case it is unlocked. Now researchers can submit their scientific projects and start a crowdfunding campaign. Then you can share away and learn a lot too.


Hear from researchers and patients in the monthly #RARETalk chat series. It is important to raise interest about the importance of scientific research and allow personal stories and education. Join now!



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I really feel badly for people that suffer from rare diseases. There’s little co-sufferer support and not much money for research. Glad to see this program!

sharon martin

Sounds like a great central point for everyone to contribute their knowledge, symptoms and even support each other.

CJ Across the Avenue

What a fantastic cause to be a part of! I’ve known quite a few people who either had loved one with rare diseases or had suffered from one themselves. This is a great outlet for research and support. Thanks for sharing.

Gladys Parker

What a great cause. Research is the most important aspect of finding a cure or even a medication to help. My cousin and I have both been told we have sarcoidosis (ms). Her first sign was sore joints, all of them. Mine was flare ups of the lymph nodes in my chest and eyes. We are fine but that experience led me to think about those with diseases that aren’t researched or very little. That would be heart breaking if it were a loved one.


Sounds like an excellent community to join to gain support and knowledge!


This sounds like a worthy site to join. There are really so many diseases that are rare thus big pharma will not even consider researching much less funding them.