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Several years ago I became an Influencer for the One2One Network. Since then I have helped and been compensated to give my voice for several great brands. Sometimes I am compensated in product and sometimes by gift cards or monetary gifts. I wanted to share this network in case you are looking to join in the community. I will tell you my experience below and when you are ready, sign up with ONe2One Network and have these similar experiences to grow your blog and social network.

My very first campaign with One2One Network was back in 2012 where I did some social shares fro Chris Mann’s album, Roads. I was sent the album for free and had to share some pre-written shares to win an Amazon gift card. I can’t explain the 2 year absence but the bulk of my campaigns with One2One did not pick up again until 2014. I did my first sponsored post with them for a healthy snack called Goodness Knows. It’s always fun to look back a few years and see how my writing and even photography has changed for the better.

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I then did more album reviews in 2014 and 2015 for Tori Amos, Mary J. Blige, Michael Buble, Kylie Minogue. Another social sharing campaign I did was for LiceFree. Some more post campaigns include Frigidaire, Retail Me Not and Hellman’s. Typically One2One gets involved when brands run special features such as sweepstakes or community projects and you get to help spread the word on these fun events. Their social campaigns are so easy as they typically have pre-written content and images to grab so no real time o thinking is incloved-for the most part.

What makes One2One Network stand out a bit above the other similar networks is it’s e-commerce campaigns. I have done these for brands such as Graco and Calphalon cookware. These are so fun and easy. You simply get sent high-value products-most you choose from many options and once it arrives you use it and leave a review on the brands site. That’s it. You get to keep the product. I can say my favorite campaign ever with One2One Network was an e-commerce review for my Calphalon cookware. My husband and I are still in love with our set.

If these sound like fun campaigns that could fit your time and abilities, I encourage you to sign up now and visit One2One Network to learn more.

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Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

I remember signing up for One2One but I can’t recall if I was able to participate in any of their campaigns. Not complaining since I live outside of the US.

Rose Ann Sales

Wow, I want to learn more. I haven’t been in an influencer network before, sounds nice!

Nicole Escat

Your network sounds really nice. I would like to join soon. Will share this to my friends.


Thanks for the post, Erinn!! We’re so glad that you’re an O2O member. Thank you for all the great work you do. xoxo