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Join and Win Our ASizer App 2019 Fitness Challenge

Welcome to the 2019 Fitness Challenge with ASizer

Read carefully as all of the details are below including a bit about our Sponsor, ASizer App on iTunes!

What is the ASizer App?

ASizer is available for under $2 on iTunes and offers you more than just a standard fitness app. You get workouts, but they are personalized. Your workouts are personalized based on your BMI and body type. Your body type is determined on a quick (less than 30 seconds) body scan you do at home with your device via the app!

That’s right! ASizer assists you in tracking important body measurements through a revolutionary 360 body scan that analyzes your body mass index (BMI). Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, workout recommendations are tailored for your personal fitness needs. ASizer’s 3D body scans show progress faster than anything else

Visit ASizer to learn more and to see how easy it is to scan and get started! It’s a lot of fun!

About the 2018 Fitness Challenge

The good news! The 2019 Fitness Challenge is Parenting Healthy exclusive. That means there is a small group of us which means personal interactions and great chances of winning. The challenge starts April 15 and ends on June 15th (that’s a 2 month challenge). Join anytime because progress is not shown in days but in effort!

Step 1

Sign up below in the widget area (required). This way I have your contact if you win and get your permission to feature your progress to help inspire others if you wish.

Step 2

Get the App (required). It is a $2/month commitment is all and you are worth so much more than $2 anyhow so a small price to join in and even if you don’t win our Amazon grand prize, we will all be winners in improved health and bodies! This is also what ASizer will use to find the grand prize winner with me because it knows when you are checking in.

Step 3

Share along the way. There will be small prizes along the way, so share your stories, challenges and progress to be picked for some prizes. Share by joining our CLOSED FB Challenge Group! These are where prize, winner, reminders and progress announcements will be made!

Prizes for the 2019 Fitness Challenge

On June 15, 2019 the challenge closes and ASizer will help me find the best results among all of you! I will be doing this challenge too with you and reporting my results, but I will obviously not be eligible to win! Only YOU are eligible if you follow all 4 steps above.

Small prizes will be randomly distributed along the way so check back with the winners list below!

Winners List

Grand Prize (will be awarded by June 20, 2019):

Small Prize 1 TBD April 30th:

Small Prize 2 TBD May 15:

Small Prize 3 TBD May 30:

Also announced in the Facebook Group!


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