2014 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time! The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide is going HEALTHY!

Parenting Healthy is bringing healthy to the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

If you are a brand that fits the following criteria and you want to be promoted multiple times and included in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, then please see the details at the end of this post!

Here is a preview of the guide as I have set up so far-

Does your brand fit?
Healthy is about natural foods and products. It is about living a healthy and happy life. Play, exercise, eating right and learning are all ways to have a healthy mind and body. 
  • If you have children’s products that promote play, learning or products with only natural and safe ingredients, you will be a hit in my guide!
  • If your product promotes a healthier alternative or allows family to have more time for each other, you will be a hit in my guide!
  • If you promote exercise and body health, you will be a hit in my guide!
  • If you promote natural foods and beauty products made with only pure and safe ingredients, then you will also be a hit in my guide.
What do you get & how much will is cost?
  • Product Reviews: Products sent and meant for me to keep should be in the value of $30 or more in total (can be in the form of multiple products or credit to your site). There is no fee for product reviews. You will have your own post on my blog with large, vivid photos and links. This post will be shared once a week for the duration of the guide promotion (Oct-Dec)
  • Video Reviews: Any children’s toy product will be a part of our segment ‘Reviews by Anthony’. This video will be inserted into the review post as described above. There are no additional fees, but items need to be fun and full of children’s favorite characters as that will get the best reaction out of him for a fun video. Here is an example of a “Review by Anthony’ post (http://bit.ly/1oYzByN) & click on my tab under my title bar above that reads “Video Reviews by Anthony’ to see more.
  • Sponsored Reviews: these are paid posts when no product will be sent to me. You will get all of the same shares and quality of a review post, but it will me more informational as I will not have a review opinion. It will be heavily shared as well. Fee is $35.
  • Additional posts: if you would like me to write more then 1 post for your product throughout the promotion (Oct-Dec) it will be a $25 fee. I will create a new post (different from the first) and also link back to the original post for my readers.
  • Giveaway: In addition to products sent for review or sponsored posts, if you would like for me to set up and run a giveaway, I will do so at no charge. Giveaways bring maximum exposure and I will send you the winner’s info by any deadline you need me to comply with so you can ship the product to the winner.
  • Group Giveaway: For a fee of $35 I will take your Giveaway and run a group promotion. I write a post about the product and gather other Bloggers to join in. They will post that giveaway announcement on their blog (adding some of their own words for SEO) and share as well. They get an entry on the giveaway form in return. This is a popular method as now your product is shared on multiple Blogs and their social media. I manage the Bloggers and require them to share in social media a minimum 3x a week! I will forward winner’s info to you so you can ship the product.
BONUS! I have opened up the guide to accept Bloggers. This means that I am putting up my own prizes for them. They will team up with me and help promote all of your posts and in return, they win prizes! Your product will be featured on multiple blogs and their social media!

Please email me with your needs and we will get you the exposure you need!
Erinn Sluka at erinnsluka@gmail.com Subject Line: 2014 Gift Guide

Please visit my Media Kit for current stats:  http://www.parentinghealthy.com/2014/04/prmedia-kit.html

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