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It is National Greasy Food Day and Urgent Rx is here for you

This is a promotional post for Urgent Rx

Did you know that October 25 is National Greasy Food Day? With Halloween and the Holidays around the corner,  your heartburn culprits are waiting to attack! When that happens and you are on the go, how do you get to the relief you need? Do you search the bottomless pit of your purse or car console looking for that roll of stomach or heartburn relief? Do you stop to buy some relief even though you have some at home, but the bottle was not convenient to carry around? Urgent Rx is here for you and so discretely you can slip your relief like a credit card into your wallet!
Is that Urgent Rx ‘wallet’ fun or what? It fits great in my purse or you can take the Rx packets and slip them in your wallet. These are what the single packs look like. The 10 packs would be single tubes in a box. Like a long, skinny sugar pack-size tube that also fits well in a wallet or console.

Urgent Rx has fast and easy relief that happens by tearing open the package, emptying the powder on your tongue and swallow. No water needed or any pills to swallow. From powder to relief!
You can get relief in 6 ways:
  • Headache Relief
  • Heart Burn Relief
  • Allergy Attack Relief
  • Upset Stomach Relief
  • Ache & Pain Relief
  • Critical Care Aspirin
These are great to carry with you on the go. No bottles to carry or pills to swallow when you have no beverage nearby. These make fun stocking stuffers for anyone from College Student to Seniors who can take OTC medications.
The first relief I needed was for headache. I had a bit of a tension headache starting which happens frequently with computer work like mine and it was so easy. I had it near my desk, so because it is powder there was no need to get up to get water. I tore it open, emptied powder on my tongue-no medication taste at all. It was not bad. I had the relief I needed in no time. It worked just like my regular OTC medication. I am satisfied! 

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