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Isabella: Girl In Charge children’s book

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Isabella Girl In Charge Book

Isabella: Girl in Charge

by: Jennifer Fosberry & Mike Litwin

With stories of superheroes and villains or puppy dogs and princesses, this book takes girls and throws in a little power and big dreams. Isabella is trying to get her parents out the door for an event and in her eagerness to leave the house early and get going, she builds her own democracy to try and overthrow her parents decision to have her do some tasks before they can leave. So she imagines herself as specific, women in history who were trailblazers in their movements. If Isabella can get her parents out the door, she might just witness the first woman voted into the highest position of all…


The end of the book has facts about each role model Isabella imagined herself throughout the story. She imagines herself as:

  • Sandra Day O’Connor—first woman appointed to the Supreme Court
  • Frances Perkins—first female Cabinet member (Secretary of Labor)
  • Jeanette Rankin—first woman elected to Congress (Montana)
  • Nellie Tayloe Ross—first female governor (Wyoming)
  • Susanna Madora Salter—first female mayor (Argonia, KS)

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