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Is your teen being #CyberSafe?

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I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf ofMom Central Consulting for BGCA. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

How to talk to your teen about staying #CyberSafe with the #CyberTribe

Boys & Girls Club of America and Sprint want you to become a cyber safe parent so that you can raise a cyber safe teen. It is a hard conversation to have because your teen truly feels ignorant to any bad that can come to them. They feel invincible and that those things can’t happen to them. So, to suggest harmful situations can occur is like talking to a brick wall! I have an adult step-son, a teen son and a 6 year old and they know it all! Our 22 year old has hit that age of knowing we were right! Love that age! The teen will roll his eyes and dread the lecture.

How do you start the conversation? Use their peers. Show them real situations. Show them that their is a world of teens online who are discussing the topic because it is important. I am a Blogger and I make income working social media, yet my 16 year old son doesn’t think I know how it all works! He is at the age where I can tell him something a million times and if he hears it just once from a friend, suddenly it is a revelation! Those are the hit your forehead with your palm sort of moments when you have a teen you are trying to protect.

Cyber Safe site for teens
  • Ask the Tribe-your teen can ask questions and get answers
  • Ask the Tribe Q&A browsing
  • Resource page to articles and apps for teens teaching cyber safety
  • Profiles of the teen tribe members
Cyber Safe site for parents
  • ‘Are you a Cyber Smart Parent’ quiz
  • Video of how to talk to your kids about cyber safety
  • Ask the tribe
  • ‘What Would You Do’ scenarios
  • ‘What’s that Word’ Glossary
  • Resources to technology and social networks knowledge

Both teens and parents can Ask the Tribe. If you submit a question to the tribe, you can win an iPad & $500 to a local Boys & Girls club. This is BGCA and Sprint’s way of encouraging you and your child to start the conversation and ask questions.

I took the quiz, “Are you a Cyber Smart Parent?” and my results were good! I was labeled a Cyber Survivor. I was able to go to the questions again after the quiz and see the breakdown of the answers and what they mean. The videos under the resource section for Glossary words for mobile technology and social media are excellent education for parents and kids. They even include tips cards and guides to use as parents as we have the conversation. 

I also asked my own question to the tribe. I asked ‘As a parent, how do you start the conversation when your teen dreads it?’ Before any response form them, I knew the answer. Visit the Cyber Safe site as a parent then have your child browse it with you as you guide them through the features. Start the conversation anyway. 

Tell me, Are you a cyber safe parent?

Visit the Cyber Safe now and start the conversation!

Disclosure: This is a #sponsored post for BGCA through Mom Central Consulting #MC.

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