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intelliPLUG App-Enabled Smart Home Plug

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Thank you to intelliPLUG from CNCT for partnering for this feature

As we wait for our new home build to complete, I have been browsing so many new items for the home. The products that give you a smart home are popping up like crazy and I am loving how easy it is to control my home to make it safer and more convenient with such products. This feature is for the CNCT intelliPLUG app-enabled smart plug. Plug it into any outlet, connect via the free CNCTLife app on Android, iOS or Amazon devices and you have control from anywhere in the world.

What can you plug into this slick smart plug? Use it for appliances or hair electronics so you don’t ever worry you left the hot iron or coffee pot on again. Plug in lamps so you can show light in your home when it gets dark. Plug in your Alexa or Google Home for control when out of the house. The possibilities are plentiful.

Connecting was very easy within the set up after I downloaded the app. Once we get into our new home I will connect for good in that space. I love the size as it doesn’t overwhelm the socket space. You can plug in timers for even more home control as well. It is also great for the office or garage where there is an outlet and access to WiFi.

I also love the modern look. Having our new home built I  have been giving away so much old decor and home items to replace with new and modern so this is great and will fit in well within my home. Visit the Indigogo intelliPLUG page to learn more and see videos of it in action. Make your home smarter with their deal- contribute $40 and get 4 plugs! They make great gifts!


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