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Instant Pot Chicken and Black Bean Gravy Recipe

Goya teamed up to be a part of this recipe creation of ours

Instant Pot Chicken and Black Bean Gravy Recipe

I recently got an Instant Pot and have been getting creative while learning how to use it. With my husband and I eating low carbs we are eating from only real and whole foods. This can easily be served over rice, we are just cutting starches so I served as a salad for us and with corn tortillas for our son.

saute InstantPot

Goya asked to team up with Parenting Healthy to create a Cinco de Mayo meal recipe and this is my creation using their Better For You line of foods. I used their spices, beans, tortillas and even Goya Olive Oil.

Saute Chicken

If you are at the store collecting ingredients for your Cinco de Mayo or Taco Tuesday meal I will mention that Goya is a Hispanic-owned company in the US. Their products are authentic and made with quality. What I love is that Goya supports over 250 non-profit organizations that promote and sustain community wellness and the advancement of the Hispanic culture. The company has also donated millions of pounds of food to victims of various disasters worldwide.

chicken gravy

With Cinco de Mayo coming up and the new found love of an Instant Pot this meal allows you to finally play with spice, poultry, sauce and beans in a pot using the saute, pressure cook and simmer functions for 1 meal.

Goya Better For You

Pressure cooker chicken

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