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Innovative Tech Gifts under $50 by Nomad #HolidayGiftGuide

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Tech gifts by nomad

With raising boys for so many years I cannot get through a holiday without tech gifts on their wish list. The 2 older boys have cell phones and the youngest has play tablets. I cannot go wrong with including charging gifts for their favorite electronics and phones. Nomad has tech gifts and many that are under $50.

tech gifts charger

I am currently using 2 Nomad iPhone accessories and they have been the most useful gifts. My Roadtrip for iPhone and Android is a charger/battery pack. As I have it plugged into my car lighter I can use it as a phone charger and once I get to my destination I can take it with me. It will hold a charge so I can charge my phone while out and about.

roadtrip tech gifts

We recently attended the Seattle Sounders MLS playoff game and my son loves Pokemon Go which drains my battery way too fast. I plugged my Roadtrip in for the drive down to Seattle. It has 3 indicator lights and I had it to the 3rd light so I knew it was fully charged. We wandered Seattle a bit before the game and did the 90 minute festivities before kick off at Occidental Park and the march to the game. In all of these hours-many playing online games from it-my phone never ran out of battery because I kept it charged right inside my purse.

iphone tech gifts

The second item I had I wondered when or if I could use this. I work from home and except for short jaunts and hardly use my cell away from home often enough. But, I have a son across the state in college. Living in dorms on the south end of campus he has some long walks to class. He can leave in the morning to classes and study hop for hours before making the walk back to his dorm. Having this Nomad Key will allow him access to charging his phone from his laptop or school devices he is near.

It’s shaped like a key and fits easily on your keychain. It is available for iPhone or Android

tech gifts

By visiting Nomad you can find more innovative tech gifts at great prices.

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sharon martin

I like the idea of being able to have it on a keychain so it’s with you all the time for when you need it, what a great idea.

Gladys Parker

I also have kids in college and they, well also my other two could use both of these great products. Plug right into another item and charge android or iPhone is wonderful. Being able to charge on the way and keep are a charge while your out and about is also an awesome bit of technology. I’ll take 4 of each please. lol