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The InfinityBelt that lies perfectly flat under your clothes

the InfinityBelt™ lies perfectly flat under your clothes

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Feature: InfinityBelt

The belt woes! The bulge on the front, the discomfort of thick belts and the show-off in the back when bending over are issues well solved with the InfinityBelt™. The belt was created for comfort and a more invisible lines under your untucked tops.

InfinityBelt™ Features

  • Stretchable, no-buckle, no-bulge belt for jeans, denims, and other pants that need a belt for support
  • Elastic design that comfortably hugs the shape of your body and ensures a perfect fit
  • Can be used for work and for casual dinners
  • Lightweight and perfect for traveling

It is like buckling a bra! Really! We have the strap on our bras that prevent back bulge so it makes sense that same system would be used n a belt for waist bulge. It is so comfortable and just stays in its loop on my pants even in the back when I bend over. I love the color choices to math all pant styles.

Buy the InfinityBelt™

You can order the belt in a variety of colors at The InfinityBelt store and available at Amazon

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