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Independent play with Rooster Fin’s Mohawkz

This is a promotional post. I was sent samples for an honest opinion

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I have 3 boys I have raised that range in age from 7-23. The middles one is 17 and that makes our 7 year old an only child in the sense of play and peer level maturity. His brothers are very good about giving him attention when they happen to be around, but for the most part I make sure there are plenty of games and activities that promote independent play for him. When Mohawkz arrived from Rooster Fin it was an immediate hit for him. Even the older members of the house have fun with this-sort of like a child-sized cornhole game. 
The game play speaks for itself. Your child can compete with themselves or others to continuously try for higher scores. The shapes and mohawk styles are a lot of fun but can be a bit tricky in the bounce.
Rooster Fin has many great games that make for fun holiday gifts the kids, young and old, will love! Joe, the creator of Rooster Fin and designer of these games has been an educator and uses his background to create these fun and engaging games like Mohawkz.
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