In case you missed it: Monday’s recap of #SouthernCharm

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For a few days I have sent my tweets and shares leading up to the Monday episode of #SouthernCharm. I was chosen as a Blogger to promote, watch and share with you my thoughts on this series. Because I tend to like the reality show genre, I agreed to help out! Given that, here is a recap of last night’s episode: S1:Ep 7!
Now, when I say I am into reality shows I like the Voice, American IDOL and the such. I do not typically watch ‘Mama Drama’ shows. As I watched the previews I wondered if that is what I will spend an hour watching. But I noticed Cameran. Even when you try to avoid drama, we all end up wrapped into it at some point. No matter whether you like these types of reality shows or not, you WILL find a character you relate to. I immediately felt I relate to Cameran. Why? She just sort of tells it like it is. She is about business and in a way-smirks and makes fun comments about the drama that surrounds her. She is the gal with the most sense in this show.
There is a Craig & Kathryn drama right off the bat. I am not quite sure I believe anything Kathryn says yet-she has that shady side to her. Maybe its just that she is young and being approached by some of these men so much older than her she feels she has to act a way that seems unnatural. So I have not made my mind up about her. Thomas-who is obviously into Kathryn seems like such the Southern Gentleman that it is sort of sad he feels he has to waste his energy on such a younger gal. Not that age should matter, but on the outside looking in-it is a waste of this time! Kathryn is the one who has had more relations with almost all the guys in this circle than anyone else. The root of much of the drama is her. We can all relate to those scenarios one way or another!
So, we have older southern gentleman Thomas and married, JD. There is Kathryn-young and tasting everyone (sorry, had no better way to say that), Cameran and Jenna are the 2 with a bit of sense and live in a more real lifestyle. They happen into the drama at times, but I admire the way they both handle themselves. There is Shep & Craig-every circle has these 2 guys. They are the wooers, high ego men that ‘want it all’-the Pot Stirrers at times. Then there is Whitney-he lives with Mommy still, but knows it all! However, in this episode Cameran, who works in real estate is showing him some homes to potentially buy and is determined to find him his own domain. It is time to leave the nest! Will she find something he won’t pick to death?
So, put the kids to bed, grab a little drink and enjoy watching Southern Charm and realize how simple your own life is right now! It really is fun and now I am hooked and will have to watch every other episode now!
You can catch Southern Charm on BRAVO Mondays at 10/9c PM. If you like to follow shows on twitter, you can follow #SouthernCharm as well or follow on Facebook!
Let me know if you are a fan!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was a part of #SverveChat for this campaign.

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