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If a 4 Year Old became President of the U.S.

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I am not a real political person. I vote and catch the debates in the end if I am struggling on who I am to vote for. As all these political coverages start all I can think is “Man! We have to listen to this for 2 more months!!” So, to make it fun, I asked my 4 year old some question on what he would do as President of the United States on some important issues(in parentheses is the simple terms I used for him) and here is what he says:

Education (Schools and students): “Play outside forever..on the swings!”

Healthcare(Doctors and sick people): “I don’t know what to do..umm take their (sick people) temperature with a thermometers. I like playing thermometers!”

Earth(Animals & Trees): “Put animals back where they live. Plant new little trees.”

Crime( Bad people and Police): “I’d be a Policeman too and help.”

Finance( Money and work): “I’d make more money with my crayons” (I asked what he meant-he means MAKE as in print new money!)

What is the One Main thing you would do for United States: “Hand out toys to everybody.” What kind of toys? “Only the kind of toys I would play with”

So there you go…If a 4 Year Old became President! Of course I had to start by simply explaining who a President is..he did not know. I said kind of like a King or Leader and he got it then!

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