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Ice Chips Xylitol Candies

I was sent samples for feature

Let me start by saying that one try of your favorite flavor and you will never want to run out of these Ice Chips candies. I am not sure if it is the taste, the ingredients and sources, the health benefits of the Xylitol or the 2 fun Grandma’s from my home state of Wa. that have me so addicted to these tins of delicious candy flavors.



I remember seeing their Shark Tank episode and it is too easy to fall in love with these two founders of Ice Chips. They are passionate about using only natural sources and they get the Xtylitol from birchwood trees. All Ice Chips flavors are made up of 95-98% Xylitol. They are Gluten free and non GMO. All but 3 flavors are dairy free and all are kosher. Learning the benefits of Xylitol is a huge benefit to your health and Ice Chips is a delicious way to consume this healthy natural sweetener.
I encourage you to watch the vide below to learn more about how they make these Ice Chips and the importance of Xylitol consumption:
My son calls them mints, but they are labeled as candy. I think the tin is why he associates them with mints. I received 6 of their 21 flavors. I have Cinnamon, Black Licorice, Root Beer Float, Lemon, Berry Mix and Peppermint. My son was eager to try cinnamon but it was too spicy he said so I tried it and he just isn’t used to a real cinnamon taste. It is a true cinnamon spice. He took over the Root Beer Float and Peppermint. I love them all but if I had to choose a favorite I  would say Lemon is delicious!
You can find Ice Chips at and at Whole Foods as well as Dentist offices and other health stores. Look for them soon in bigger box stores. When you buy your Ice Chips you will notice my favorite feature-the different sized pieces! They are broken chunks and that allows you to pick just the right piece from the tin that you desire.
**Remember that Xylitol is poisonous to dogs! If you are a dog owner you must keep these away from them. The benefit is great to humans, not so much to dogs. They come in secure tins, but I like to put out the reminder so your kids and family members are aware to not leave the tins open around pets and to pick up dropped pieces asap. 


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