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I saw Need for Speed Premier with Aaron Paul & Director Scott Waugh #NFSMovie

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Need For Speed #NFSMovie
~In Theaters March 14, 2014~

Last Thursday, my husband and I took the boys to see the premier for
Need For Speed

Following the Movie, we were greeted by Actor Aaron Paul and Director Scott Waugh for a Q&A session. Here are the details!

Need for Speed Review

The movie was awesome! If you are a Mustang or Lamborghini fan, this will be a bittersweet movie for you! But, as the Director states in the video below…’No actual Super Cars were harmed in the making of this movie!” Car crashes, a plot to pair with the popular video game (although the video game is not mentioned in the movie) and if you are real movie savvy, test your movie scene knowledge by picking out the mentions of many scenes throughout this movie that mimic those of popular racing movies of the past! Fun movie and I promise- must see!

Hangin’ with Aaron Paul(right) and Scott Waugh(left)…..

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