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Hypnokids Review: Inspirational hypnosis downloads

This is a review for First Way Forward

You have had talks, time outs, books, conferences and yet you still battle the childhood stubbornness from your child on certain behaviors. My son is 6 and the next oldest is 16. He is essentially an only child and his play skills level of patience mimics the only-child syndrome. On top of that he has a tad more anxiety about certain issues than the older boys have ever had. His anxieties are about worries. He worries if there is a fire or disaster. He worries about heights. He is an adventurous child and he tends to like monsters and want to watch scary shows, but I think he subconsciously is wanting to confront movies and videos because it helps him relieve his anxiety. It is a bit hard to explain unless you ever meet him. If you spend time with him and I told you he will lay awake fearful of a disaster or zombies, you would not believe me as his day may be all about playing fireman and monster fighting. Hypnokids Inspirational Hypnosis downloads is a great, subtle way to allow conversations and words that kids understand understand to sink in at a time they are most calm-bedtime!
Lynda Hudson is the voice behind these downloads and CD’s. This is a UK company so the downloads are the best value in the US as shipping costs can get you. You download onto your computer or laptop then sync it to any device. Lynda has run a very successful Hypnotherapy practice and specializes in using hypnosis to work with children.  Most children downloads are in the 20 minute range for time. Perfect way to fall asleep and let Lynda’s professionalism assist your child in overcoming many issues such as stress, anger, bed-wetting and more!
I have 2 downloads I am using with my son and it has now replaced conversations of questions and worries and instead gives him ways to refocus and redirect those thoughts. Let Your Worries Fly Away is a download perfect for the recommended age group of 5-9. I say goodnight and press play on his tablet and let the download play for him. It is a 20 minute session that uses breathing techniques and practices to help them have that reassurance as they put their worries in a ‘basket’ and watch them float away. My son has no idea what hypnosis is and has no idea this is a download about anxiety. I simply went with the approach of here is a fun way to help you fall asleep and as he listens, he mimics her voice. Takes the deep breaths, closes his eyes and is practicing her commands. I know he has a more peaceful sleep now. I listened to it first before playing it for him and even I wanted to curl up and sleep a long night away!
Am I the only one with a 6 year old spoiled and refusing my commands especially in public? Now, I do not have the child that draws attention. I am not one ton raise my voice in public or create a scene and he actually would be thoroughly embarrassed if eyes were on him. But, if he does not get his way in a public place or outside with friends, the arms fold and the attitude switch flips to on so fast! And he is that child that HAS to have the last word!  Tame Your Temper is for ages 6-9 and is a continued download from the Tantrum Taming meant for ages 3-5. This one is 27 minutes and works great to instill the ‘think before you act’ approach. They will find themselves breathing out the bad and breathing in the good and they learn to sort through strategies and take charge of their emotions.
I highly recommend any parent to look through the many titles and if you find one that fits your child, for under $10 a download you have the professionalism of Lynda helping your child cope and manage their struggles. I do not have a bed wetter, but I would be very curious how that download helps for those who’s older children have that problem. I have a brother who wet the bed into his teens and my parents tried everything when he was younger. If you try this one, let me know. I would love to share the success with my readers who may struggle as I have seen how it affected my brother the older he got and he missed many sleepovers.
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What downloads will you try? Are there downloads you wish they had that you do not see?

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