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Hydro Strike Action Game Fun for All Ages

I was sent a game for feature

Hydro Strike Action Game Fun for All Ages

Let me start by clarifying ‘all ages’! By all ages I mean that the game is rate 7+, but even the little ones will gather around because what is more entertaining to a child than watching someone get sprayed in the face with water? My nephew is 3 and could not take his eyes off his older brothers and cousin play the game. Hydro  Strike from Pressman is like pinball with batter….in a way!

The 2 playing are 10 and 12 and had a blast! Like pinball you have your fingers at the 2 triggers and you want to move a ball through the other players slot as you keep their ball from entering yours. If they core you get wet and vice versa.

There is a little orange reservoir on each side to refill or tip over and empty when done playing so you don’t have to store it away with ate inside. There is also a small prime button to press so after you get sprayed, push it in and it will be triggered to spray at next score again. Everything is within a fingers reach to play.

Game Contents

  • Game Unit
  • 2 Balls
  • Complete Instructions

Where to but Hydro Strike? Amazon and Target to start!

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