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Hydration Myth Busters for Healthy Kids from Icebox Water

These are tips and a promotion from Icebox Water. Any opinions are my own

There is so much information through media and the internet that it is hard to know if we can always trust what we are reading. What may be advice because it works for one family may not be what’s best for yours. Also, what facts we hear come from places we have no idea. There are a lot of misunderstood people who like to speak out and unless we can trust the source of information, we may be mislead. Icebox Waters gathered a list of hydration myth busters and as we head into summer, I wanted to share these with you.

1.    Myth: Sports drinks provide maximum hydration—BUSTED.  
Although sports drinks generally contain electrolytes and minerals that help replenish the body after activity, they also contain sucrose, fructose, and other bad-for-you ingredients in quantities that are far beyond what the body needs.  Celebrity physician Dr. Mehmet Oz maintains that the best hydration for active youth is actually clear, fresh water!
2.    Myth: Adults need more water than kidsBUSTED.
Children’s use of energy in physically demanding activities is sometimes disproportionate to their small body mass, which often results in increased susceptibility to dehydration. Small children, not yet trained to stop activity for a quick sip, lose fluids quickly, causing their bodies to cool down less efficiently. As time spent outside increases, it’s essential that water consumption does too.
3.    Myth: All bottled water is created equal- BUSTED.
Studies show that 40% of bottled water actually comes from tap water and could be treated with harsh chemicals such as chlorine. True spring water, captured from a natural mountain or artesian spring, provides refreshing, mineral-rich hydration. Taste and feel the difference with IceboxWater’s crystal clear, Canadian spring water, bottled at the source – far from any contaminants.
4.    Myth: You have to pay more for good waterBUSTED.
Bottled waters at the market sell for as much as $2.50 each, but as seen in the last myth buster, not all packaged waters are created equal. Offering healthy, affordable hydration, Icebox Water’s kid-friendly, 250mL cartons, cost no more than 50 cents per carton! 

About Icebox Water

The Icebox cartons are 100% recyclable and made from 74% cardboard and pressed paper. That makes it so much healthier for the environment than plastic bottles. Not only do they come packaged in a way that is healthy for the environment, they are healthy for you! Icebox boxes its water direct from Canadian springs and is BPA-free. You get the purest water in fun cartons including a 250mL kids size. 

Icebox Water also sustainable and socially responsible. It is a member of the non-profit 1% For the Planet as well as providing an active GreenUp Hollywood campaign. 

Find these Icebox waters for baseball snacks, picnics and summer hydration needs at Whole Foods, Albertson’s, Gristede’s and Mother’s Market nationwide.

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