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Learn How To Use Your Health Care Plan-Giveaway

This is a sponsored post on behalf of UnitedHealthcare. All opinions remain my own


Did you renew or get a new health care plan recently? You probably have a thick booklet given to you that explains all of your benefits and the best way to use your plan that is sitting in a stack of papers somewhere on your desk like mine is.

In an emergency I feel like my health care provider and insurance will find a way to get things covered to the best and the rest would be out of my pocket. Would this cover be best? Maybe I should dig deeper into my plan? Have you done that?


My family is relatively healthy. We do travel a lot and my youngest is very active in sports. The oldest carries his own insurance now and we still cover the middle boy who is a Freshman at College. There are risks and the potential with these boys and a husband who also travels for work for an emergency at anytime and anywhere and I do NOT understand my plan enough. I would not be confident I can use it to the full potential.


Learn basic like your start date-it doesn’t always start on an obvious date and how to obtain cards to carry around. Also learn exactly how to choose a Doctor you can be sure participates with your plan. Know where all the FAQ answers are to certain questions.

The Giveaways (please read carefully):


UnitedHealthcare and myself really want to help you learn how to use your healthcare plan. Just head to the UnitedHealthcare How To Use Your Health Care Plan Engagement Page and take a short learning quiz AND play a short matching game AND watch a short video to be entered to win several prizes.

The prize breakdown:

1. UnitedHealthcare has 3 engagements for February: Each engagement offers a $100 weekly prize winner and a $500 monthly winner. You can enter each engagement daily.

  • Health Facts 1 2 3: Answer 3 quick quiz questions to see what you know
  • Look and Learn: Watch a short video
  • Perfect Match: Play a fun 8 card matching game

2. Parenting Healthy (that’s me) is offering a $100 Target gift card prize. To enter you just need to complete the 3 engagements PLUS use the promo code: ParentingHealthy on the submit page where it asks you for a code. Plus I will have other entries including daily entries. ENTER ON WIDGET BELOW for my giveaway

*TIP: You can come back each day-complete the engagements again each day for daily entries on all of our prizes.

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