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How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus – Tips from PBS KIDS

Have you ever shown your child that pepper in water experiment. You take a plate and pour water on it so you have a puddle then sprinkle a bunch of pepper (germ bugs) into the water. Then have them dip fingers in hand soap and just touch the water. What happens to the “germs” (pepper) when it comes in contact with your hand soap? This is a fantastic way for kids to see why it is important to use soap and scrub our hands clean.

Now that our world consists of germs and pandemic, surely all kids will grow to remember Spring Break of 2020. World events like this will shape them and what they learn from this will guide them to better futures. Even if we are just talking about hygiene and self care. Let’s remember all the aspects from social responsibility and hand washing as you talk to your kids about Coronavirus.

Here are four ways we can help young kids build germ-busting habits.

Wash Your Hands

Make it a family routine before every meal and snack to wash hands. If you do it together, you can model for them how to use soap, rub your hands together and rinse. For a timer, try slowly singing the ABCs together while you scrub. In Curious George, the Man with the Yellow Hat has a cold. He teaches George how germs can move from person to person and that’s important to wash your hands and avoid sharing utensils. Good hand washers, like Daniel Tiger, are germ busters!

Catch that Cough

When kids cough or sneeze, they tend to do it right into their hands — and then they use those hands to touch everything in sight! Instead, we can cough and sneeze into our elbow. Make it a game with kids. Can they catch the cough in their elbow? In the beginning, cheer when they do: “You caught it! That’s what germ busters do!” If they accidentally “catch it in their hands,” they can simply wash their hands with soap and water and start the game again.

“Rest is Best”

Daniel Tiger reminds us that “When you’re sick, rest is best!” This is a good episode to show kids and a great song to sing when they are feeling under the weather. Tell them: When we are sick, we can stay home and rest our bodies; we can be germ busters by not spreading germs or going to school sick. And as parents, we can keep ourselves and our kids home if we have a fever or other symptoms.

Practice Healthy Habits

Remind kids that sleep, exercise and eating healthy foods are good, everyday ways to strengthen our bodies. We will all get sick sometimes! They have probably already had at least one cold this season. But we can be responsible germ busters when we practice handwashing, cough-catching, resting and basic healthy living.

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