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How to make money off your textbooks.

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If you are a student or are a parent of a student, you know there are ways to get a fraction of your money back on your textbooks at the end of a course. Those books cost a fortune and the payback is minimal. Not to mention, you usually have a set date and time you can go do a buy back and it might not be worth the extra effort. You can use an online site, but is it worth it. I mean you have to ship it and figure those costs in. What if I told you there was a site that understands all of this! They are online yet make it so much more simpler than heading to your local bookstore when it comes to buying and returning text books. You don’t even need to leave your house or worry about shipping charges! Seriously!! And if renting your books couldn’t be easier and cheaper, they have expanded by adding to their site. Now you can take that text book you bought and rent it out. The earnings on one textbook are revolving as it gets rented and the money back to you is greater than those bookstore rates. 

About Campus Book Rentals
The video below explains it all…..
About Rent Back 
  • Have textbooks laying around you have been meaning to take back for credit? Log onto
  • Print a free shipping label to send your textbooks in
  • Your books are received and made available to other students
  • Your book gets rented & you get paid
  • When your book is returned from the other student after use, it becomes available again for students
  • It rents again-you get paid again!

One more thing…about how your business supports a cause!
A portion of all text book rental proceeds support Operation Smile.
To get started and learn more, visit and
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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4 thoughts on “How to make money off your textbooks.”

  1. Renting textbooks is the absolute best way to go because many campuses have begun changing books year from year in order to make money on new books. Text book prices are simply nuts.

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