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How to maintain a Healthy Heart with Campbell’s Foods

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This post is sponsored by Campbell Soup Company. I was provided coupons

Having a healthy heart is often a necessity overlooked until it is too late! For 5 years, I worked in Cardiology and I was a surgery scheduler. I had the desk you didn’t want to sit in after seeing the Cardiologist unless you were anxious to get to the bottom of your symptoms. It is important to me that I educate my boys against smoking and encourage them to eat healthy. I keep them as active as possible as well. I want the to develop habits that they will keep and maintain their health as much as possible. What does it take to have a healthy heart?

Diet, exercise, NO tobacco and little stress! Your heart feeds your entire body and if you cause damage to any of its crucial pieces you could find out too late. Not only is the focus on your heart but all of the vessels and arteries that feed into and take from it! It is why Vascular Physicians and Cardiologists work so closely with each other. High fats clog arteries and that can lead to narrowing or blockages which can result in a stroke. Your heart is a muscle that needs nutrients and to deprive it makes it tired and lazy! Tobacco weakens the arteries and blood vessels and exercise strengthens them. Stress raises blood pressure which is added stress on the entire system! Take away the tobacco, stress, high fats and inactivity and your heart, minus any genetic effects, will be happy and healthy! You can control all of the above, except genetics!

How can Campbell’s Foods help you?

Campbell’s wants to remind you to take the time to care for your heart! They want you to “Address Your Heart” with heart healthy tips, recipes and more. At you will find 21 heart-healthy recipes certified by the AHA. We can start simply by focusing on the foods we eat. Here are 5 of my favorite recipes from the ones you will find at the website.

Then head over to the Campbell’s Kitchen Savings Center to download valuable coupons on your favorite Campbell’s products!

Enjoy these recipes. You can click on the images to see the recipe. Enjoy!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

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