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How to Handle An Unplanned Pregnancy

How to Handle An Unplanned Pregnancy
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While motherhood is an exciting prospect for some women, unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming, even stressful. If you didn’t have plans to get pregnant you might not even know how to feel, let alone how to manage the situation. Thankfully, there are a myriad of options to help pregnant women navigate their options. Here are some tips on handling an unplanned pregnancy.

Seek Medical Advice

Find women’s clinics in Illinois or your own state. While looking into your options on your own can be helpful, it’s no replacement for visiting a medical professional. A responsible doctor should not only be able to confirm the pregnancy’s viability, but also educate you about your choices.

Your main options are adoption, parenting, and abortion. Learning about each option in a neutral, clinical environment will support you in making up your mind about what might be the right choice for you. Pregnancy is both an emotional and physical journey, and whether or not you’re going to undertake it you deserve to know everything about how it may affect you and your health. Research the clinic you’re visiting beforehand to make sure they will be able to offer you a comprehensive outlook on pregnancy. Understanding your body is the most important first step in starting to consider your options when you find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy.

Find Emotional Support

It’s completely normal to feel distressed because of pregnancy. Connecting with people who can support you through this journey will help you feel less overwhelmed. Who in your life is unconditionally supportive and non-judgmental, someone you would feel safe discussing your situation with? Friends, family, a therapist, perhaps even an emotional help hotline might help you feel supported.

Of course, there’s no pressure to share if it makes you uncomfortable. Even if you’ve decided to keep your pregnancy to yourself, coping strategies can still help guide you through this difficult time. Consider journaling, exercise, doodling as good options to explore your options in a low stakes environment or even just relax.

Know What You Want

Even if you don’t know right away what you want to do with your unplanned pregnancy, outlining what you want for your life in general may help you make a decision in the moment. Do you want kids? What are your career goals? Are you ready to be a parent now, or would you rather wait? Visualizing your future is a helpful tool for guiding you through the practicalities of a decision. 

Deciding what to do when you’re pregnant can seem like an enormous choice. Having a clear picture of how pregnancy might or might not align with your own values and life will help you make an informed decision. Be honest about your own feelings and recognize the social or cultural aspects that may affect your decision, as they might be different from what you want for yourself. 

Unplanned pregnancy can be difficult, but there are ways to make the best of a tough situation. Knowing your options and your priorities will help you move forward and make the best decision for you.

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